6 Tips for Staying Warm on the Water

6 Tips for Staying Warm on the Water

6 Tips to Staying Warm on the Water Tips from: Mandy Henderson

Just because it is colder does not mean that boating activities have to pause! Fishing, sailing, and booze cruising is still possible in the winter months, you just need to know how to dress. Islander Mandy Henderson, gives her tips and tricks on how to stay warm while on the water in the winter!

HOT HANDS… Yes it’s in all caps because I’m screaming it! Hot Hands are little packets that, once activated, turn into your own personal heating pads. I put the Hot Hands in my boots to warm my toes and my pockets for my fingers. It’s a night and day difference, and a total game changer when the wind is whipping.

Layers on Layers on Layers. A good rule of thumb is to dress like you’re going skiing. It seems a little extra but you’ll know that being cold isn’t a possibility. Layer up like a taco dip, and you can peel off your jackets and coats whenever you get too toasty!

Wear a Hat. You may leave the house looking like a marshmallow, but you won’t be a frozen marshmallow! I’m sure your parents told you as a kid that you lose 30% of your body heat from your head, and turns out your parents were right. Keep your heat contained and you will have a much happier outing.

Music. Sounds weird to say, but if you are distracted by your favorite tunes, you probably won’t notice the cold as much! Make a killer playlist before launching, and dance and sing the chill away.

A Wind Breaker. While this isn’t your main source of warmth, it helps keep your heat in and cold air out! Boats move fast, making wind come at you twice as quickly, so make sure you’re your outer shell is resistant to the elements. You can always take it off if you get hot, but it’s better to have it than to not.

Beer. Ever heard of a drunk blanket? We can layer on all of the sweaters and coats, but sometimes nothing is warmer than some alcohol in your blood. Make sure the Island Coastal Lager is packed and you’ll be good to go! Keep in mind though, warm boaters still need to be smart boaters, so please drink responsibly!