Attention Super Premium Beer Lovers: Island Brands Is Here

Attention Super Premium Beer Lovers: Island Brands Is Here

While COVID-19 hit many industries hard, alcoholic beverages are still in high demand. In the last year alone, over 204 million barrels of beer were sold across the country. To put that in perspective, one barrel equals roughly 2 kegs. That’s a lot of beer. 

But, what kinds of beer are people drinking? Data from the Yale Center for Customer Insights suggests Americans are largely after premium beer

Enter, Island Brands. 

We are the number one fastest growing brand of premium beer in the Southeast, and we aren’t slowing down anytime soon. Our unique brand approach, high-quality ingredients, and focus on the community make us stand out. Keep reading to learn why we’re different -- and see where you can find our premium beers today. 

The Rise In Premium Beer

Premium beer has emerged as a key player in the alcoholic beverage industry in recent years. Research shows that people want better packaging and smoother flavors when reaching for a six-pack. Many people cite premium beers as their drink of choice for celebrating everyday moments -- like a new job or watching a favorite team in the playoffs. 

Premium beer is thought to make up more than 40 percent of the domestic beer market segment, and that number is only expected to rise. This trend has been dubbed as the premiumization movement. And, we’re growing with it. 

Our Brand

Island Brands takes it one step further and specializes in Super Premium beer. We currently offer four main lines: Island Coastal Lager, Island Active, Island Lemonada, and Island Southern Peach. Since the launch of our first beer, Island Coastal Lager, in 2016 we continue to see high annual growth in our distribution and sales. 

Island Brands points of distribution grows 134%.

We are a proudly American made and American owned beer, and our goal is to take Island Brands worldwide. Our products are currently sold across the Southeastern US, and we even export to the Bahamas, China, and fleetwide across Carnival Cruiselines. 

Our Ingredients 

Island Brands uses only clean, high-quality ingredients. And, most importantly we don’t throw in preservatives or additives. As the market turns towards healthier living, we want to guarantee that when you pick up an Island Brands beer you never have to wonder what else you’re drinking. 

Our Community 

A solid foundation and clean ingredients are at the core of who we are -- but so is our community. Island Brands is dedicated to giving back in more ways than one: 

  • We partner with more than 25 nonprofit organizations across the Southeast
  • Our plastic-free packaging is 100% recyclable
  • When you buy our Good Vibes merchandise, all net profits go to the nonprofit of your choice

But, we didn’t want to stop there. Instead, we put our tech-savvy approach to good use and developed the Island Passport App. Now, anytime customers buy our super premium beer they can collect points to be donated to a nonprofit organization. 

The pandemic threw a lot of businesses off course, but one thing has remained consistent: Americans want good beer. Our goal at Island Brands is to fill that market gap, and have a good time doing it. With our crisp, clean ingredients and our community-focused mission we want to provide an experience, not just a brand. 

Use our beer finder to search for the closest Island Brand retailer in your area, and try our super premium beer next time you want a refreshing drink.