How to Drink Beer at Work (& Make it Seem Like Work!)

How to Drink Beer at Work (& Make it Seem Like Work!)

How to drink beer at work (& make it seem like work!) Tips from Teddy Giard

We all know how a classic 9 to 5 can feel. We describe that as the “needing a beer” feeling. While it may not always be appropriate to knock back a cold one during staff hours, we’ve got the perfect excuses to make a day drink possible. Read 5 tips from Teddy Giard, Head of Branding at Kanga Coolers, on how to drink a beer at work and make it seem like work!

Have a “business lunch meeting” with a friend. Sometimes business needs to be taken care of out of the office, and a “business lunch” is the best idea. You can talk shop and grab lunch, and can easily get away with ordering a beer. Nobody will ever give you a second look if you stay on business topics!

Schedule a golf outing. What is a day on the links without a beer or two? It is an easy plan to discuss business, and a genius plan to crush some breakfast beers. Just be sure to tip the bar cart worker!

Schedule an office happy hour. The cool thing about office happy hour is that you can still plan one remotely! Zoom happy hour was all the rage in 2020, and you’ll be the company hero for suggesting something fun for the whole team to participate in. Drinking beer during happy hour will always be acceptable if it is masked as a company activity!

Create a marketing campaign revolving around beer. Brands are always looking for fun companies to collaborate with, and the best way to sneak a brew during office hours is to work with a beer brand! You can disguise a cold one as market research or collaboration support, and nobody will be able to tell you otherwise.

Work for a company that sells or makes products for beer! As the Head of Branding for a beer cooler company, Teddy can crack a beer any time of day, and as a beer company, the Island employees will occasionally do the same. We are testing products and staying up to speed with the market we work in. Sounds like a fun job, right? Work for a company with the same mindset, and maybe you too can drink a beer at work!