Meet Team Active Member Allison Zobrist

Meet Team Active Member Allison Zobrist

Allison Zobrist // @wholesomely.her

A little about Allison:

Currently, I am living on an organic farm as a farming apprentice. My interests include food sustainability, holistic health, and natural living. I went to school at Vanderbilt University and grew up in the Midwest, but I love being in the Southeast now!


Farming apprentice.


Gardening, cooking, and walking in nature.

How have you “found your island“ (i.e. your passion) in life?

I have found my passion in life by taking the leap and moving onto an organic farm after graduating from college. It was a BIG leap – since most college graduates head straight into the workforce, but taking these few months off to reconnect with nature and learn about organic farming have helped me to discover what I'm truly passionate about in life. My dream is to start my own organic farm in my backyard someday and feed my family with wholesome foods grown organically from the earth.

How do you #GetIslandActive (i.e. what's your workout style)?

I #GetIslandActive by listening to my body and working out in whatever way it's craving each day. I used to always stick to a strict regimen at the gym – hitting legs one day, arms the next, then back, abs, and legs again to round off the week. While this works for some people, it didn't inspire me at all and I would go through phases of sticking to a routine for a month then fall off for two before I convinced myself to start back up again. I realized that I was never really listening to my body and working out in ways that it was craving, so lately I have decided to remove all pressure of a workout regimen and just truly do whatever feels good every day! Some days that's yoga, others it's a 2 mile run, and sometimes it's simply a 15 minute walk out in nature.

What is your favorite workout move?

My favorite workout move is definitely headstands! I've recently learned how to do them and I love the feeling of discovering a new movement my body is capable of doing. The feeling of balancing upside down and feeling my core engage is so addicting!

What is your favorite meal to pair with an Island Active?

My favorite meal to pair with an Island Active is a simple picnic basket full of fruits,veggies, dips, cheeses, crackers, etc. I love drinking Island Actives while relaxing out on a blanket in nature with my friends – and it pairs perfectly with all of these yummy, healthy, whole foods!

What song motivates you the most to keep pushing through?

This is definitely a throwback, haha! A song that has always motivated me to keep pushing through is “The Climb” by Miley Cyrus. When I was in high school, I went through a pretty serious injury that put me on the sidelines for all of track season and cross country season and I always leaned on this song to motivate me when I felt like I just wanted to give up.

What advice would you give to those looking to have a more #IslandActive lifestyle?

I would tell them to remember that health isn't a destination, it's a journey! We are so quick to associate health with a certain weight or physique that we want to achieve, but in reality, health isn't related to numbers on a scale or inches on a measuring tape. Health can only truly be defined by how we feel inside. I try to only stick to these standards when deciding I want to become healthier! Instead of saying I want to lose X amount of weight, I make my goal to feel less lethargic, more energetic, happier, etc. leading a healthier lifestyles makes me feel all of these things and more.